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Bike Fitting Services

Improve Every Ride

Spokes Etc. offers professional bicycle fitting services at all six of our Northern VA locations. No two riders are alike, so we work with you to determine your optimal riding position to meet your riding needs and preferences. With a professional bike fit, you'll increase performance, comfort, and efficiency on every ride.

Our Fit Process

We take a comprehensive approach to bike fitting. We start with an interview with you, the rider, to assess your preferred riding style. We want to know how you ride, and we tailor the fit process to your needs. We'll discuss your goals, strengths, and limitations on the bicycle, and perform a physical evaluation and flexibility assessment. With this information, we can then consider a variety of important adjustments to achieve your perfect bike fit, including:

Saddle Height
The distance from the top of the saddle to the bottom of the pedal stroke

Fore & Aft Adjustment
The position of the saddle forward or backward on the seat post

Saddle Angle
The angle of the saddle up or down

Reach Analysis
The distance from the saddle to the handlebars, and the height of the handlebar relative to the height of the saddle

Handlebar & Hood Position Adjustment
The placement of the levers to ensure proper hand position

Cleat Placement
The proper foot placement on the pedal for optimum power transfer

Road / Mountain Fit


Triathlon Fit


Custom Bike Builds

Build the bike of your dreams at Spokes Etc. If you want the perfect fit and customized colors and components, we can help. Our experienced staff will guide you through the process, professionally assemble your dream bike, and fine-tune your fit.