Meet the Folks at Alexandria



Georgia-born and Virginia raised, Jack's cycling life has spanned all manner of machines. From dirt-jumpers to mountain bikes, to beautiful custom steel road machines and bike polo beaters, Jack's stable of bikes is as varied as the terrain he rides on. Enthusiastic about his bikes, his lifted Toyota truck, a fine meal at a nice restaurant, Italian design, CNC machining, and long walks on the beach, Jack is rumored to be the most interesting man on the trail.

Favorite saying: "There's always something better."

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Garrett has been working in the bike industry since he was 15. As a high school student in Topeka, KS he started working part time at the LBS to make some money to support his addictions to skateboarding, wake boarding, and mountain biking. When he is not at the shop fixing bikes, he likes to spend his time shredding the local mountain bike trails with friends before throwing back a few brews. One thing about Garrett, whether it is in or out of the shop, he is always willing to help.

Favorite saying: "Let's get you rolling."

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Anna has worked at Spokes Etc. on and off throughout high school and college since 2004. She graduated from Virginia Tech in 2010 and is currently taking time off to work at her favorite bike shop. You can often find her dancing or singing around the shop and is always ready to help you find just what you need for your biking needs.

Favorite saying: "I love this song!"

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Lightning clapped, lions roared, and with the furious sound of a roaring ocean, Dan Dugan started in the bicycle business in the year of 1973 as a bicycle assembler. Dan has worked for a variety of shops across the country, and his bicycle experience is matched only by his subtle, smoky demeanor. After a 25 year hiatus, Dan decided to return to his original passion, the bicycle. He would carry out this tradition with Spokes Etc., fulfilling the original prophecy of the ancients, putting people on the perfect bicycle.

Favorite saying: "I have a question for YOU!!"



Even though he didn't learn to ride a bike without training wheels until the age of eight, Paul now spends most of his free time either riding or dreaming about the bikes he can only some day hope to own. Although his real foray into riding started with single track trails close to his home, he now finds himself on the pavement more often than the dirt, yet still finds time to stay up to date on all things bike-related. If you can't find him on the sales floor at Spokes, he's probably somewhere in the service department, pretending he knows what he is doing with all the fancy tools.



Razzle has been working on bikes since he was seven years old. He got his first job as a mechanic at 15 and thirty years later, he's still at it. Hired as "Employee #3" way back in Spoke-lore, Razzle is the longest tenured person still working at Spokes. If you have questions about bikes old or new, or anything related to 80s hair bands, he's your man. He has seen and worked on it all. Known for his air guitar as much as his wrench skills, Razzle keeps the Spokes party rockin'.

Favorite saying: "I'm not a rocket scientist. I'm not a millionaire. I'm a bicycle mechanic."



Sam has 20 years of experience in the bike business and a serious aptitude for tinkering. That knowledge and ingenuity makes him the best resource for customers and employees al