Meet the Folks at Belle View



Growing up in Arlington, Philip has been riding the local roads since he was a kid. After finding competitive cycling, he now spends most of his time riding with others in search of the next big climb. If he's not riding, you can be sure he's somewhere snacking in preparation of the next ride.

Favorite saying: "Dude, I’m hungry."

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Chris first started with Spokes Etc. when he was 16 years old and attending West Potomac High School. He graduated from Old Dominion University with a degree in Economics and, after a short taste of corporate big business, decided to come back to do what he loves. When he's not at work, he enjoys racing road bikes and mountain bikes during the week and on the weekends with the VeloWorks-Spokes Etc. cycling team.

Favorite saying: "Right on."

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First joining the Spokes team with a pointed interest in track bikes, Rose quickly gained a keen interest for the many charms that each cycling discipline has to offer. Rose can be found balancing her time between Spokes Etc. and school, helping out at ride events, and writing about herself in the third person.

Favorite saying: "Absolutely. You got it!"



A native of Western New York, Brad has worked part-time at Spokes Etc. since 1999, including the day that the Belle View store opened in March 2000. He got into mountain biking at Shaeffer Farms in the 90s on an old Royce Union 18-speed mountain bike that didn't even belong on the trail. Brad enjoys the refreshing scent of the trail in fall, outdoor activities, and fixing stuff. He works full-time as an Elementary Physical Education teacher in Alexandria, and is thrilled to have two of the most enjoyable jobs in the world.

Favorite saying: "Get on your bikes and ride!"



San Francisco-born junior rider Dimitri has been rolling on two wheels since he learned to balance on two feet. First introduced to the sport by watching the tour and riding with his father, he now races competitively in the DC area as an excuse to ride his bike every day. Enthusiasm for the cycling world is common at Spokes Etc., but with Dimitri, it might actually be the only thing he thinks about from dawn 'til dusk. He gets so into it that he sometimes needs to be reminded to eat.

Favorite saying: "I feel weird...I haven't ridden in 12 hours."



Ford was born and raised in Alexandria, VA and took up an interest in cycling at a young age where he frequently rode the Mt. Vernon trail. It wasn't until Ford attended college in New Hampshire that he picked up a serious interest in mountain biking. Ford first started working for Spokes as a summer job in 2013 and now works full time having graduated from college. Along with being a serious mountain biker, Ford has also become an avid road biker as well; but still prefers the dirt over the tarmac.




Since day one, Danny has always preferred to be outside. Nature always trumps video games in his mind. Having been a slalom racer for Virginia Tech, Danny feels most at home on a mountain, but enjoys each cycling discipline as much as the next. When he's not on two boards or two wheels, look for him at the nearest sports bar.

Favorite saying: "Are you gonna eat that?"