Meet the Folks at Fairfax



A native Arlingtonian, Joe has always had easy access to the W&OD. At a young age, he would ride his bike from East Falls Church Metro to National Airport, accompanying his older sister when she went running. His first bike was a comedy of errors, as another family member had asked for a bike that Christmas, and he wanted the 1993 box office hit Cool Runnings. To his surprise he received a bike! Many moons later he would find employment at Spokes Etc. as a warehouse assistant. After finding his niche on the Vienna sales floor, Joe moved out of the warehouse and into the spotlight. Known for his extensive taste in music, Joe rules over the Fairfax store with the same iron fist that never lets go of the stereo controls.

Favorite saying: "Let's be honest here…"

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Been there, done that. Buck has seen it all when it comes to bikes. Buck is as passionate about bikes as he is about covering his SUV in mud on his days off, or on his way home from work for that matter. Coming to Spokes from the now-closed Washington Bike Center, Buck's experience in sales and service is about as extensive as you could hope for. Don't let the gray hairs fool you; Buck will put it to you on a 9-hour epic mountain bike ride if you give him the chance.

Favorite saying: "We can fix that!"

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Jim started in the bike business when he was in between positions from his career in Human Resources. That was ten years ago in Denver. He found that he was hooked and never looked back. He rides on his road bike most days with a group of similarly gray-haired folks on various backroads near Gainesville/Haymarket, Va. He spent many years riding the “hills” of Colorado so his initial rides in Virginia were a surprise when his altitude gains were only 400 feet. Being a true extrovert, working with customers in the shop is always a thrill. He does stay out of the way of the service department; Jim says, “I can change a flat, most of the time.”

Favorite saying: "Never give up the ride!"



A teenage mountain bike racer, the one thing Noah couldn't be more enthusiastic about is… you guessed it, bikes. Whether it’s an XC race bike, an endurance road bike or something in between, Noah gets excited by pretty much anything with pedals and two wheels. As one of our younger employees, there are people who have been in the cycling industry longer, but few who can match Noah's passion and knowledge.

Favorite saying: "How about that Brain shock?"



Ryne has been on two wheels since he can remember. His background is in motocross, having raced his whole life. However, he is passionate about anything two wheeled having been involved with mountain bikes and BMX over the years.

Favorite saying: “Tonight's the night!”



Sam is best known for his older steel bikes. It doesn't have to be new- it just has to work. Always tinkering with this spare part on that old bike, Sam's bikes may seem pieced together, but he always makes them work, with a bit of personal style. Lunch breaks? Not until he gets that shifter to work. Shop is closing for the night? Not until he gets that headset installed. His dedication to making a bike work the way he wants extends beyond his own bikes and directly to those that he is working on in our service department.

Favorite saying: "I can find a home for those old parts."



Jackson has been riding mountain bikes for several years now. He loves to explore trails deep in themountains and even build some new ones. He spends as much time building dirt jumps as he does riding them. He enjoys working on bikes of any ki