Meet the Folks at Ashburn



Sandy is Spokes Etc.'s version of Super Glue, making sure that the unruly band of boys in Leesburg dot their I's and cross their T's. Fluent in French and Starbucks, and famous for her epic laps on balance bikes around the Village at Leesburg shopping center, Sandy can be credited for keeping the setting you enjoy shopping in neat and organized every day.  She can also enter in UPC codes like it's nobody's business.  Thanks Sandy!

Favorite Saying: "Where's the love?"

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A veteran of the bike business since 1995, Adam has already forgotten more about bicycle service and repair than most of us will ever know. He proudly commutes year-round on his motorcycle, and gets out backpacking, camping, and shooting whenever he gets the chance. Always interested in new challenges, Adam likes the variety of work that the Service department brings him, and can solve most mechanical riddles by lunch time. He also enjoys how-to videos and hot sauces.

Favorite saying: "Well, just bring it in."

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The latest in a storied tradition of ambitious high school employees, Alex is our youngest salesperson in Vienna. But don’t let his age fool you, this England-born future engineer is already well on his way to explaining all of the finer points of a bicycle. He’s got the mountain bike thing down, being a regular rider himself, and has been seen snooping around the road section as well. Give him a few more months and he may outsmart us all.

Favorite saying: "The Dude abides."



Alex Broaddus is one of the young guys at Spokes Etc. but don’t let his age fool you, he has been riding for years. As a frequent shopper of Spokes Etc. he became familiar with bikes of all categories. After shopping at Spokes for years it was only natural he would want a job so he could take his passion to the next level.

Favorite saying: “I wish I was as cool as Kyle.”



Kyle is one of the other young guys here. While he may have not been riding for decades he sure isn’t short on passion. His go to bike in his adventure road bike (also called a Specialized Diverge). If you don’t know what an adventure road bike is come on in and ask for Kyle because he loves to talk about them!

 Favorite saying: ““Alex wishes he was as cool as me.”



Lin might be the "old man" in the Ashburn Service department, but with his mellow North Carolina attitude, he is always a welcome addition to the mix behind the counter. A home brewing enthusiast, Lin knows as much about your favorite suds as he does about your bike. When he isn't concocting new beers, he can be found on the shooting range, the bike trails, or rooting for the Carolina Panthers and Hurricanes.

Favorite saying: "No problem."