Meet the Folks at Alexandria



Upon discovering how much it hurts to hit the tarmac at 100 MPH, Jeff Palmer gave up motorcycle racing, turned his Harley around, and headed back to the East coast for a healthier sport. Though the ferrous friendship of steel still persists from his motorized days, Jeff can now be found touring the area trails on the classic styles of his Gunnar or his capable Surly Karate Monkey. Find him near the ampersand on the W&OD or the C&O.

Favorite saying: "Steel is real."

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Having worked at bike shops all over Virginia, Colorado, California, and Illinois, Paul has seen it all when it comes to bike service and repairs. A consummate outdoorsman, Paul has been all over the country on his bike, in his hiking boots, backpacking, and more. Paul is your best resource for service horror stories, dry humor, and a healthy dose of reality.

Favorite saying: "All brakes do is slow you down."

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Spokes Etc.'s commuter hard man, Floyd has foregone four-wheeled options and rides to work every day on his beautiful titanium Seven fixed gear – rain or shine! He is our certified expert in outerwear, and has the layering experience to prove it. He can most often be found heckling Redskins fans.

Favorite saying: "I can special order that for you."

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If you want the facts, keep your eyes out for the hat. Tyler can always be found on the Vienna sales floor dispensing advice without frills; from seat height to saddle choice, he’ll tell it like it is. And he has the experience to back it up, as he rides more than 300 days every year on his Gunnar fixie or on his Seven Axiom roadie. He’s one of our fit specialists, and will customize your ride using all of his knowledge to make sure that you’ve got exactly what you need.

Favorite saying: "You know where Einstein thought of his theory of relativity, right? A bike."

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Ron has a long and storied cycling past, from riding the Blue Ridge Mountains to competition to touring in the far corners of the world. A cycling mechanic since 1986, with no plans to stop riding or racing anytime soon, he has a deep view of the many grand aspects of cycling. A multiple-time National and World disabled medalist, Ron has spent more time on his bike than many of our employees have been alive.

Favorite saying: "Not all there."