Meet the Ivory Tower Folks



After working at a shop called "The Bicycle" in Fairfax City in high school, precocious teenage James "Jim" Strang set off on the "Bike-Centennial" cross-country bike ride in 1976. His love affair with the cycling industry continued as he worked in several shops while in college at JMU, until Jim finally opened Spokes Etc. Bicycles in the spring of 1986. An avid road rider, Jim has enjoyed watching the growth of both the cycling industry and his own Spokes stores into full-service institutions for thousands of cyclists in the DC metropolitan area.

Favorite saying: "Man, that is cool lookin', isn't it?"

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Bob has been a friend of Jim's since their childhood in Fairfax, and he joined him on another cross-country ride in 1976. After earning a degree in finance, Bob dabbled in government bureaucracy at the ATF before deciding to join Jim as a partner at Spokes Etc. Famous for his meticulous attention to detail, Bob fills the role of CFO for Spokes Etc., and enjoys spending weekends on the water at Lake Anna.

Favorite saying: "No! Wait- what are we talking about?"



A man of many hats, Mark is Spokes Etc.'s do-it-all management guru. He puts the "General" in general manager, marshaling the Spokes brigade into action, and makes sure that each store has what it needs to keep the lights on – sometimes literally! Rumored to own more bikes than he can ride, Mark tries to get out on every group ride he can, despite our best efforts to keep him busy. Just don't get him started on fishing.

Favorite saying: "You got it."

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Steve once worked part-time at Spokes Etc. as a precocious college boy. After overseeing the Quaker Lane store for almost two decades he's been drafted to the Ivory Tower. In addition to staring at numbers all day, preparing taxes, etc. he's currently taken on the roll of providing web updates, email campaigns, in-store clinics, and anything else to bring customers back into the stores. Known to have the lightest road bike in the company, the fastest motorcycle, and probably the cleanest Jeep(sorry Alex), he doesn't enjoy them as much now as he'd rather be digging holes for plants at the house or cleaning up his flooded basement.

Favorite saying: "What's my title around here anyway?!"

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Sandy is Spokes Etc.'s version of Super Glue, making sure that the unruly band of boys in Leesburg dot their I's and cross their T's. Fluent in French and Starbucks, and famous for her epic laps on balance bikes around the Village at Leesburg shopping center, Sandy can be credited for keeping the setting you enjoy shopping in neat and organized every day.  She can also enter in UPC codes like it's nobody's business.  Thanks Sandy!

Favorite Saying: "Where's the love?"

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With an diverse background in sales, and having sold just about every manufactured part under the sun, "Wild Bill" Barton has settled down into the quiet life of managing Spokes Etc.'s accounts. His job pays the bills, keeps the lights on, the bikes in stock, and the paychecks coming (so we all love him)! Best known for his signature phone greeting, Bill makes sure that our world is always treating us right.

Favorite saying: "How's the world treating you?"

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