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Roadside Maintenance Clinics

Free Monthly Bike Repair Education

The first Tuesday of every month at each location(except Arlington), Spokes Etc. hosts a free roadside maintenance clinic, open to anyone and everyone who is interested in learning more about basic bicycle maintenance.

Spokes Etc. Roadside Maintenance Clinic

Classes begin at 6:00pm, and each hour-long session covers a variety of topics, including how to:

Fix a flat
Make minor roadside adjustments
Remove and install wheels
Clean your bicycle and properly lubricate moving parts
Select basic tools to carry with you on every ride
Dress comfortably and safely for your rides
Stay safe with lights, reflective gear and other essentials
Shift properly for an efficient ride

No reservation necessary! Simply show up at your local Spokes Etc.(excluding Arlington) and be prepared to absorb lots of important, interesting information about your new bicycle.