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Bike & Wheel Rentals

Plan Your Next Adventure

Explore your neighborhood and local trails like never before with a rental bike. Whether you’re trying something new or visiting from out of town, our friendly staff would love to help you pick the right bike for your outing. Choose your desired model and dates below to reserve your bike today. Looking to upgrade your wheelset? Check out the largest selection of bicycle wheels at your Mid-Atlantic Enve Demo Center!

Bike Rentals

  • Same Day Rental $65
  • 24-Hour Rental $80
  • 3-Day Rental $200
  • Helmet included with bike rentals

Wheelset Rentals

  • 1-Day Rental $75
  • 2-Day Rental $125
  • 1-Day Add-On* $50
  • 2-Day Add-On* $85
  • Add-on to a bike rental

Do You Need Pedals?

  • Bring your own clipless pedals, use our loaner platform pedals for free, or rent loaner clipless pedals for $5/day.
    If you bring your own pedals, we can install your pedals in the store.

Try Before You Buy

Demo a bike or wheelset. Purchase a comparable new-model bike or wheelset within 31 days at your Spoke's Etc. store. Receive one day's rental fee toward the purchase.

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