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Custom Bikes Just For You

A Truly Unique Experience

Our custom bike build process starts with a bike fit from our professional bike fitters. You then take those measurements to the builder of your choosing. After working with them on every detail of your new ride, you will have a bike that is truly one of a kind.

Our Custom Bike Partners

These are bike builders we love working with and who deliver an amazing experience from start to finish. Check out their websites and explore their options. Stop by any of our stores and talk to our fit specialist if you have questions. We can help guide you the right manufacturer.

Gunnar Bikes

Gunnar Bikes are handmade in Wisconsin. These steel frame bikes are made to be reliable, fast, and strong. They make bikes for all disciplines, specializing in no-frills designs.

Seven Cycles

Based in Massachusetts, Seven Cycles builds custom bikes from a variety of materials including titanium. From speedster to multi-terrain endurance, they have a bike for every rider.

Trek Project One

Start with your favorite Trek model, then fine-tune all of the details to create the Trek of your dreams. Choose from your favorite road or off-road frames and thousands of paint colors and patterns.

Waterford Bikes

Specializing in road bikes, Waterford Bikes builds on decades of experience to build a superior bike. These bikes are built to give you a truly unique and custom bicycle experience.

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