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Fat Bike

Industry Nine BigRig Carbon Fatbike Wheelset
Just because your fat bike plows through snow and sand like a bulldozer doesn’t mean it has to handle like a bulldozer. Industry Nine’s BigRig Carbon Wheelset add a little F1-inspired acceleration and handling to your backcountry best friend. Built by I9 as the ultimate, no-holds-barred fat bike wheelset, these jumbo wheels rip on every variety of terrain. HED’s tried-and-true Big Deal carbon rims weigh in at a surprisingly light 445 grams each, plus they’re 85mm wide and tubeless ready! Aluminum straight-pull spokes lace up to I9’s legendary Torch hubs, which deliver class-leading 120-point, 3-degree, 6-pawl mechanism to give you instant engagement to get through tricky sections. I9 is ahead of the curve, offering every variety of endcap to match your current axle configuration. And if your next fork or fatbike uses a different standard, no worries, I9 has you covered. I9’s BigRig Carbon wheels are the fastest fat bike wheels out there, so go get some!
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