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Gear Up OakRak Freestand 2 Bike Storage Rack

Gear Up OakRak Freestand 2 Bike Storage Rack
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Gear Up's OakRak Freestand Bike Storage Racks boast a compact 28-inch footprint to conserve space, so they're a great storage solution for home, office, or any location with dropped or angled ceilings. They're made of furniture-grade American red oak with a hand-rubbed oil stain and finish so they add class to any room and complement your bicycles. The bikes are safely and securely held by their frames on vinyl coated-steel support arms that protect the paint and finish. There are Velcro straps included to secure the front wheel to the frame so that the wheel does not swing side to side during storage. The support arms also adjust independently up and down to hold any style of bike. This rack comes complete with everything to store/display two bikes.

With a small and stable 28 inch-wide base, the OakRak Freestand can be used in corners or anywhere there are tall ceilings.

The OakRak is proudly made in the United States using Ozark Mountain red oak. Each piece is individually inspected and matched by a master wood craftsman, finished with a hand-rubbed stain, and every component from the packaging to the instruction sheets, from the parts to the stain, are purchased from US companies.