Industry Nine C58 Road Clincher Wheelset - 2015

Industry Nine C58 Road Clincher Wheelset
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Industry Nine’s C58 are some of the fastest wheels they’ve ever made. The 58mm-deep Reynolds Aero rims with DET technology utilize a sharp trailing edge to maintain better air attachment in crosswinds, resulting in a faster, more stable wheel in windy conditions. The rims’ performance is matched by I9’s awesome Torch hubs, which have class-leading engagement with multiple drag-reducing features to keep you flying down the road. The whole package is laced together with Sapim CX-Ray spokes using I9’s 2/1 lacing pattern for reduced weight with maximum stiffness. Take every competition by storm with the insanely fast C58 wheels from Industry Nine.

Featured on all Torch-hub wheels – This lacing pattern significantly reduces wheel weight and promotes (more) even spoke tensions while maintaining excellent durability. Front and rear wheels feature 16 spokes on the rear drive side/front disc side flange, paired with 8 opposing spokes. Due to the front and rear wheel dish caused by the cassette on the rear wheel and disc brake on the front wheel, this orientation evens out spoke tension. This reduces peak stress loads on the spokes and rim, and reduces the fatigue cycle incurred in a traditional 24 spoke wheel. This allows a lower spoke count and lighter weight, without the durability issues and increased rim weights commonly associated with low spoke count wheels


Size(s) 700c
Model Clincher
Rim Material Reynolds Carbon
Rim Depth 58mm
Rim Width 16.5mm inner, 27mm outer
Hub(s) Front: 2-bearing w/Teflon seals; Rear: Torch 60-point, 6-degree engagement, 3 pawl mechanism, 4-bearing w/external Teflon seals and silicone freehub seal
Spokes (Front/Rear) Sapim CX-Ray
Holes (Front/Rear) 20/24
Weight (Front/Rear) 1,650 grams; 740 grams/910 grams
Lacing (Front/Rear) Front: radial; Rear: I9 2/1 lacing: 4-cross drive side, radial non-drive side
Valve Type Presta
Extras Reynolds Cyro Blue carbon brake pads

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