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ENVE M70 Thirty Boost Wheelset (27.5-inch)
ENVE's US-manufactured M-Series carbon rims are strong, light, and tough, so whether you're racing between the tape, or leaving your slack-jawed buddies in the dust, you'll have the confidence you need to go big and fast every ride. Each wheel in the M-Series has been tuned for a specific style of riding, and a specific rider. Is riding uphill a means to an end for you? Is that end a rowdy backcountry descent or an incredible line where shuttles simply can't go? Then this rim's for you. ENVE made the M70 rim light enough for uphill travel, yet its pedigree resides in downhill racing and aggressive gravity riding. The Boost axle increases the width of the hub flanges to give you a stronger, stiffer, and ultimately more efficient wheel. Sharing similar dimensions with its World-Cup-proven big brother the M90, the M70 is built for the most aggressive enduro and big mountain lines you can throw at it. - Material: Carbon Fiber - Rim Depth: 34mm - External Rim Width: 32mm - Internal Rim Width: 25mm

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