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ENVE SES 7.8 Clincher Wheelset
ENVE's SES 7.8 is the wheelset of choice for experienced triathletes as they slice through the vicious wind in the lava fields of Kona, and roadies who love to seek glory on a solo breakaway as the peloton dangles desperately in their wake. The SES 7.8 was designed in a bicycle frame with stability in mind. Incorporating the SES patented sidewall shapes and texturized brake tracks in this deep section wheelset means that it can be ridden confidently in the toughest conditions. The 7.8, like other ENVE products, is stiff, strong, and light, making them equally at home in the peloton as they are in Kona. - Material: Carbon Fiber - Model: Clincher - Rim Depth: 71mm / 80mm - Internal Rim Width: 19mm / 19mm - External Rim Width: 29mm / 27.5mm

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