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RockyMounts Hitch Extension, 8-inch w/Bolt and Lock

RockyMounts Hitch Extension, 8-inch w/Bolt and Lock
This item is currently not available.


For 2" hitches, this extension gives you more clearance for your bike rack or trailer away from the vehicle. The insert tube is threaded, by bolting in the extension, you get rid of 80% of the play and rattle vs extensions that use a pin. Included is the 8" extension, hitch bolt, and lock pod. Allows BackStage, MonoRail & SplitRail racks to fold flat on Wrangler and other cars with spare tires. Works well with all bike racks including Thule, Yakima, and Kuat.

As with all hitch extensions, they lower weight ratings by 50%, confirm you are within specifications before use.

- Electroplated plus powdercoat for best rust resistance
- Welded steel construction
- Includes lock, two keys & wrench for installation
- Fits 2" Hitches only
- Maximum Trailer Weight- Lower amount of 3500 lbs OR 50% maximum listed on your trailer hitch
- Maximum Tongue Weight- Lower amount of 350 lbs or 50% of maximum listed on your hitch. (For use with bicycles, Tongue Weight is your guide, not Trailer Weight)